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Information from Some Descendants of William Chase of Roxbury and Yarmouth, Mass.  Compiled by George Walter Chamberlain for John Carroll Chase
Published by Hazen P. Chase Holyoke, Mass. 1983

Last generations information has been researched from cemetery records and personal family reports.
William Chase , of Roxbury and Yarmouth, MA. He was a carpenter, the first of the Chase name to  settle in New England, came to Roxbury with his family in 1630.
William (2),probably born in England as early as 1627. William (2) died at Yarmouth 27 Feb. 1684/5. Rev. John Eliot, in his records of the Roxbury church (pp.73-74), stated that William Chase came with his parents in 1630 and was " a child of ill qualitys & a sore affliction to his parents."
As "William Chase Junr" he was listed in August 1643 among the Yarmouth men between sixteen and sixty years of age who were able to bear arms. ( Plymouth Colony Records, vol.8, p.194.) He was probably the William Chase who was in the military service from Yarmouth as a " drummer" from 24 Aug. to 2 Sept. 1645, and received an extra fee of 5s. for his service.(Ib., vol.2, p.91.)
William had son Jacob, b. about 1647. Jacob Chase (3) of Yarmouth and Swansea, born at Yarmouth about 1647, died at Swansea between 11 Jan. 1733/4, when his will was dated , and 16 Apr. 1734, when it was proved. He married Mary Hall.
They lived for a few years in Yarmouth, and then moved to Swansea. IN Swansea they lived on the road leading from Warren ( then in Mass. but since 1747 in Rhode Island) to North Swansea, a few rods north of the present boundary between Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Jacob and Mary had a son Oliver (4) born at Swansea, MA., died there in 1777. He married first, 24 Oct. 1728 Priscilla Rounds.
Oliver and Priscillia had son Oliver, born at Swansea 5 mar. 1733. He married 21 Dec. 1752, Hannah Wood.
Oliver and Hannah had son Cromwell, born presumably at Swansea, about 1767; Married Mary _________ .
Cromwell and Mary ? had a son Abner , born 21 May 1797 at Killingly, CT., died 15 Feb. 1851, married Esther Cleveland.
Abner and Esther had a son George W. , born 1 May 1818, died 15 Sept. 1885 , married  at Killingly, CT., 1 May 1838, Mary Watson.

George W. and Mary Watson had a son Chauncey Cleveland Chase born 16 Jan. 1850, died 13 Aug. 1895 in Attawaugan, CT.  Chauncey married 3 Oct. 1868, Elizabeth Amanda Harrington.
Chauncey and Elizabeth  Harrington had a son Abner Albertus born 5 July 1876, at Killingly, CT., died Esmond, Rhode Island 28 Feb.1965. Abner married 21 Oct. 1897, Lillie May Warren, in Putnam, CT.
Abner and Lillie Warren had a three sons: Chauncey, Chester and  Harold . Harold was born 14 July 1913 at Smithfield, Rhode Island.
Harold married Alice Brown in Killingly, CT.  Harold and Alice had Harold Warren Chase, Jr., Marvin Lee Chase , and Edith Chase.
If you have any information you think is in error or you would like to discuss a connection  please email me.

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Jacob Cleveland of Canterbury, Ct . Father of Esther Cleveland, served in Capt. Abner Bacon's Company of the 4th Regiment Connecticut Line. Enlisted June 14, 1777 for the war.
Made Corporal July 1780 and Sergeant August 1, 1780. He was Sergeant in Capt. John Durfee's Comany Jan. 1, 1781.
Notes of interest
Chauncey Cleveland Chase died August 13, 1895, from injuries substained in elevator accident at Attawaugen Mills  Attawaugen, CT.
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